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All too often we traditionalists are accused of simple, and perhaps sinful, nostalgia.  Those who attend the TLM are said to be old people who can’t accept change, violent-minded Donatists, and perhaps most perplexing, as young fools who romanticize “the old days”.  I believe that these charges are mostly wrong, but also that the last one on this list is sufficiently interesting to examine.

It seems that whenever someone picks up an appreciation for anything about the past, he is reminded of the evils of the past.  “I like that old church there on the corner.  It’s beautiful” one might say to a liberal (or sometimes a modern-day conservative) friend, and recieve in response a lecture on the culture of sexism, racism, and oppression that produced it.  This might be true in some cases, and is probably untrue in most.  However, the fact is that the flaws of the past have no bearing on the good things of the past.  The TLM, furthermore, has existed through many different times.  We are praying today for salvation from the same sinfulness that plagued earlier people, and the TLM does an excellent job of showing this.  Thus, it seems to me strange and incorrect when someone portrays traditionalists as blindly trying to escape into a perfect past

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This is just a quick update: I have been away from my blog for a while because I have been interviewing for jobs since graduation.  I found one in Fresno, and I have now moved down here.  I am excited because I will be starting an interesting job, I like the culture and environment of Fresno better than San Jose, and most of all because I am happy to be living closer to Catherine.  I will now be able to start blogging again.  Hopefully I’ll have an update for you after the Latin Mass at St. Anthony’s.  Thank you to anyone who has stuck around long enough that you’re still reading.

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