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Here we are in Monterey where I proposed to Catherine.Hello everyone, I realize I have not blogged nearly enough lately.  However, I wanted to let everyone know that I am now engaged to Catherine, about whom I have posted before.  We will be married in December of 2009, at Mission Santa Clara.  Thankfully, given the usual state of the liturgy at the Mission, it is “bring your own priest.”  We have spoken to Fr. Angel Sotelo, who celebrates the TLM in Fresno on alternate Sundays and who was recently mentioned on Fr. Zuhlsdorf’s blog.  I am very happy to have everything set up, and I am looking forward to the wedding.

I think this probably says something about meeting online through a Catholic website.  Catherine and I have immensely helped each other spiritually, and I doubt I would have met her or anyone like her had I not had access to the internet.  So, I believe quite strongly that certain “modern” methods can be used for very traditional and Catholic goals.


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