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Today’s Poem

As promised, I plan to post poems from “Poems of Marie” by Harriet M. Skidmore. Also, I forgot to give the other, and I think more beautiful, name of the book, which is printed on the spine: “Beside the Western Sea”. Anyway, here is one such poem, a short one this time.

“There Stood, By The Cross of Jesus, His Mother”

By Harriet M. Skidmore

With a weight of grief o’erladen,

Weary, helpless and forlorn,

Stood a sweet and sinless maiden,

Close beside the tree of scorn.

Ay, while He, our God, our Brother,

With His life redeemed our loss,

Bravely stood His Maiden-Mother

By His blood-empurpled cross.


Silent, meek, and uncomplaining,

By that cross whereon He hung,

From all coward grief refraining,

Till the end that Mother clung.

Learn, O heart with grief o’erladen,

Weakly fainting ‘neath the rod!

Patience from that mourning maiden,

From the Mother of your God!


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